Storage for Workspaces & Warehouses

Innovative storage products are our specialty.

Good storage systems simply make good sense. They create organised, tidier environments and make life easier in the home, office and workspace.

Thanks to our huge range of racking, shelving, furniture and shopfitting products, storage will no longer be a problem.

We’ll show you how you can save on space, as well as time. Your floorspace will be less cluttered and you’ll get more done in less time.

Finding and gaining access to stored items made easy—they’ll be right where you’re expecting them to be.

Improve your business with storage solutions that just keep on giving. Get in touch with the friendly team at TuDay Storage Solutions and get everything sorted from the outset.

Selective Pallet Racking

Ideal for warehouses and workshops, pallet racking is an expandable storage system that comes in a range of brands and configurations, including drive-in set-ups.

Get the most in terms of cost and efficiency from your pallet racking— contact TuDay now for obligation-free assistance.



We also supply a large range of accessories including but not limited to Corner Guards, Rack End Protectors, Beam Clips, Product Support Bars and Mesh decks.


Heavy Duty Industrial Work Benches

Our free-standing work benches are assembled from new or used pallet racking components and are guaranteed to be sturdy and durable. We can supply easy-to-assemble flat-pack options and of course, delivery is available.

heavy industrial

Drive-in Pallet Racking

Drive-in pallet racking is designed for deeper storage with ‘Last In, First Out’ access. Providing excellent storage capacity, our drive-in pallet racking features heavy-duty bracing, front and rear upright protectors, purpose-built floor channels, guide rails and back stops.

Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racking is designed to display materials of varying height and length. Thanks to its upright, flexible design, cantilever racking allows your stock to be easily viewed. Available in light and heavy-duty capacities.

Light Duty Cantilever
Sizes available:


Heavy Duty Cantilever
Sizes available:


Longspan Shelving

With its deep bays, longspan shelving is the ideal option for garages and warehouses.

These are shelves that can fit into tight spaces and hold impressive weights. They’re capable of storing anything you need, from small components to heavy cartons.

Easy to assemble, our longspan shelving has adjustable shelf heights on 50mm increments.

Standard heights:

Standard depths, but not restricted to:

Beam size & load capacity:

We also supply medium-duty, boltless shelving. This cost-effective storage solution comes with 4 upright posts and 4 wire shelves. Requiring no tools to assemble, it can hold up to 400kg per shelf.

Archive box storage units—ideal for your important files and documents—are also available from our warehouse.

Small Parts & Plastic Storage

Keep your small, loose and single items neatly organised with storage containers from TuDay Storage Solutions.

Our compact and affordable plastic containers are ideal for tradespeople, handymen, First Aid officers, industrial workshops, as well as around the house.

Placed on shelves, rack ends, benches or trolleys, these are storage units that can also be hung on walls. Our entire range is available in a range of sizes, colours and designs.

We stock the following items:

Office Storage

Make your office environment free-flowing. Our innovative office storage products are premium quality. They cut the clutter and give you immediate solutions to organising your files, stationery supplies and financials.

Our office storage systems include:

Shopfitting & Retail Products

Showcase your retail merchandise with quality-made racks, bins, shelves and baskets from TuDay Storage Solutions. You’ll find visually appealing inspiration for your Coffs Harbour retail outlet in our shop display and storage products.

As with all our innovative storage solutions, our retail range has strength and flexibility in design.

We supply a large range of:

RolaCase Systems

RolaCase and RolaShelf products are innovative modular storage systems for vehicles, Australian made and owned. We are authorised agents for designing, selling and factory-installing RolaCase products.

We do entire fit-outs for vans, utes and trucks, creating all-in-one, custom-designed mobile warehousing and sales vehicles. 

Some of the products RolaVan offers includes

rola case

Cool Room Shelving

We can show you how to fit out your cool room. At TuDay Storage Solutions, we have shelving and rack systems that are entirely customisable to maximise the space within your cool rooms.

We supply heavy-duty, high-density and premium cool room shelves and racks, including our stainless-steel range and high quality ABS plastic shelving. These are all  sourced from an Australian made and owned company. We also sell cages, roller trays and workbenches with lacquered zinc framing.

Office Furniture

Our office furniture—desks, filing cabinets, bookshelves, drawers and chairs—is a stylish collection designed as office showpieces.

Our writing desks, cabinets and credenzas, are not just good looking, they make productivity and organisation the easier option.

Forklift Sales

We’ll make sure the forklift you’re considering is the right buy for your warehousing logistics.

We can assist you with the purchase of a wide range of forklifts, Walkbehind Stackers and Pallet Jacks.